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Lean Market Research – Presentation from The Lean Startup Machine Workshop

I recently presented a short lecture on “Lean Market Research” for the Lean Startup Machine workshop that took place for the first time in Tel Aviv at the end of August. The point of my lecture is that there are lots of places, both online and offline, where you can get to know your customers and your ecosystem better, in order to validate your hypotheses, and to do it quickly. So use them!

Most of what I presented here are online tools (Twitter, Quora, Google insights for search, SurveyMonkey, etc.), however I also am a big fan of in-person meetings at industry events. Trade shows and conferences tend to bring out lots of potential customers, partners, competitors, bloggers, influencers, etc., all in one place. You can often learn more in 2 days of a conference than in a month of online research, that is, assuming you do your homework and reach out to people, and don’t just lurk at the back of the hall.

The rest of my points are in the slides… so here they are – enjoy!

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