“Rebecca is adept at understanding technology rapidly & can translate technological concepts into benefits for the customer. She is a pleasure to work with.”
– Amir Lev, CTO, Commtouch

“Rebecca is a rare type of Marketing professional, a natural born marketer. In my two years working with Rebecca I was continually impressed with her ability to plan 10 steps ahead while maintain complex planning across multiple geographies and time zones. Combine a natural ability with an iron work ethic and one of the sharpest business minds I’ve ever met and you have a person that can do the impossible. Rebecca is that person to call when you need it done yesterday.”
– George Giles, Internet, Social, & Email Marketing Consultant, Agency Four

“Rebecca [lectured at] BizTEC’s BizSCHOOL program for 2011. Her amazing lecture on marketing brought interactive lectures to the next level; Deep insights, inspiring ideas and practical guidelines were just some of the pillars of this great lecture. The idea of turning the event itself into a case study, analyzed during the lecture, was brilliant and left the audience with a full toolkit for Start-Up marketing. Rebecca’s creative approach and thorough preparation made her an awaited guest speaker in any marketing-related event.”
–  Michael Cherkassky, Director, BizTEC

“[Rebecca] was a paramount contributor to Whale’s achievement of becoming a leader in its space, and to its leadership recognition by leading analysts such as Gartner (in its Magic Quadrant report). Rebecca is ROI-oriented, measuring the results of every campaign.”
– Elad Baron, CEO, Whale Communications

“Rebecca is the ultimate professional; always focused and extremely committed, she can be counted on to deliver the goods.”
– Cheral Druck Jansen, Director of Corporate Marketing, Microsoft