Lean marketing requires “rosh gadol,” i.e. doing whatever
it takes to get your marketing to work. Dropping balls
and "between the chairs" should not be in your lexicon.
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Marketing blah blah is passe. Articulate your messages
into something real and meaningful for your customers.
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Plan your work and then work your plan. And since you're
working lean, iterate & improve as you go.
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About The Lean Marketer

The Lean Marketer provides outsourced CMO services, specializing in breakthrough B2B marketing techniques for startups and more established companies. We love talking with companies about their marketing challenges. Contact us in the form below.

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What People Say About Us

  •  Amir Lev
    Chairman, Trainica
    “…adept at understanding technology rapidly & can translate technological concepts into benefits for the customer…a pleasure to work with.”
  • Michal Tamir
    “Time with Rebecca is well spent, since it takes only a few minutes for me to describe what I need, and she delivers high-quality results at the first shot.”
  • Yael Tamar
    “Rebecca really cares about the entrepreneurs’ success and she always gets to the core of the issue that a startup has to deal with.”
  • Amir Biran
    “Rebecca’s level of commitment to our success makes us feel like she is an integral part of our team.”
  • Anna Wood
    Makhteshim Agan
    “Rebecca has the ‘get it done’ attitude that is so essential to our business. This, coupled with her professionalism, attentiveness to our specific needs and her ability to be exceptionally organized makes her the perfect fit and an excellent choice of consultant.”