Marketing Services

The Lean Marketer is a B2B marketing consultancy with a team that has decades of experience bringing new technology products to market, aiding startups and established companies alike with breakthrough marketing ideas and solid execution. Following is a selection of available services, however if you have an idea and want to ask us about it, please feel free to be in touch.

  • Marketing Planning
    Not sure where to begin? The Lean Marketer can analyze your company and market and build your marketing strategy and plan, down to which events you need to be at, the documents you need to create, publications you should be courting, and budget you need to invest.
  • Content Strategy
    Content marketing enables any brand to function as its own publisher, engaging potential customers who come to you, rather than you going to them through more traditional interruption marketing. The Lean Marketer can help you create and implement your content strategy, aiding in you in building branding, awareness, trust and word of mouth through self-generated content.
  • Copywriting and Content Production
    It’s not enough to strategize about content – someone has to do the heavy lifting of creating and producing it. The Lean Marketer can support your efforts with copywriting of blogs, videos, podcasts, white papers, case studies, presentations, newsletters, Web content and so on.
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
    Sometimes what you need are some interested potential customers. The Lean Marketer has run dozens of campaigns through online syndication, webinars, email newsletters, pay-per-click and social networks. Let us know your lead gen goals and we will suggest the most effective way of achieving them.
  • Trade Show Management
    One of the most  time-consuming from an administrative standpoint, exhibiting or even just visiting a trade show is about much more than shipping the booth. The Lean Marketer can work with you on your messages for the event, on driving qualified traffic to your booth, generating press coverage, and how to leverage the event to its fullest potential.
  • Marketing Lectures and workshops
    The Lean Marketer can lead lectures and workshops for entrepreneurs to introduce marketing concepts, and brainstorm ideas with your executives or marketing team on issues such as “how to gain more feedback from customers” or “calls to action for our upcoming campaigns”; and so forth. Representatives of The Lean Marketer have lectured at the Biztec entrepreneurs competition at the Haifa Technion, TheHive@Gvahim, a startup incubator based in Tel Aviv, Content Israel, MC Forum, and much more. We have run workshops for clients on corporate PR, crisis communication, company messaging, budgeting, and other topics.