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VIDEO: Is ABM Right for Your Company? 5 Criteria to Consider

Many of our clients have been inquiring about the latest hot topic in marketing, Account Based Marketing (ABM). Rather than utilizing your marketing efforts to generate inbound leads, ABM targets multiple people with your target customers. 

Together, the Lean Marketer’s CEO Rebecca Herson and NetDemand’s CEO Ariel Geifman, have joined forces to share with you five key criteria for whether to build an Account Based Marketing strategy.

With collectively over 30 years of experience helping dozens of tech companies grow, Rebecca and Ariel possess the knowledge to provide you with the necessary information to decide if ABM is the right strategy for your company.

Here are the 5 aspects to consider if your company should be implementing ABM – or watch the video at the bottom of this post.

1. Total Addressable Market

How many potential targets do you actually have? If your target market is around 500-1000 accounts, ABM would be the appropriate strategy. If your target market includes millions of customers, lead generation would be best.

2. Average Deal Size

What are your average deal sizes? If the average size is $50,000 and above, ABM would be relevant. If you’re selling something for 50$/month then ABM would not be beneficial

3. Multiple Decision Makers

Are there multiple decision makers in the mix? Then ABM would be the appropriate strategy, as it targets the all the major players of the account team.

4. Senior Decision Makers

Is the decision maker someone senior? ABM would be a good fit, because it targets multiple influencers in the organization, as most senior executives are too busy to review marketing networks often.

5. Budget

Do you have a limited and very focused budget? ABM can work with low budgets as opposed to lead generation strategies and reach the relevant people you are targeting.

Learn more by watching this short video!

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