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Use this area to offer a short teaser of your email’s content

You’ve spent hours on the design and content of your email blast. You are even trying out a few different subject lines to see which gets better open rates.  Before you hit send, make sure to check that special little area hidden away on most email templates that is for the “teaser” content.

I just received an otherwise lovely email this week that started with “Use this area to offer a short preview of your email’s content.” And this is not the first time I have seen this gaffe. If I hadn’t seen it happen often, I wouldn’t bother to write this blog post about it. I’ve seen experienced marketers and inexperienced alike do the same thing.

In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here is a sample template from MailChimp, a great mass emailing service. I’ve circled the part that sometimes people forget to edit. In other programs, this section may be less obvious than it is in MailChimp, which might explain why people tend to overlook it.

One way to ensure you never make this mistake is to test your emails in multiple platforms. For example, that preview text always shows up when I view emails on my tablet. I’d have to look more carefully for it when I read email in a Web browser. Before your big email sends, it is recommended to test how emails display in Gmail and other Web email programs (for example if you have a lot of subscribers using Yahoo mail) and multiple versions of Outlook, as well as on large and small monitors, and mobile devices.

Happy emailing!


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