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Need a Web Site…fast

An entrepreneur came to me recently in a real bind. She was planning to attend the most important conference in her industry in just two weeks, and the company did not have a Web site. She was also about to sign a samples sites from Wixcontract with a Web development company that said they could get her site up & running on its proprietary platform in that time. The contract was draconian, and she was uncomfortable signing it, but felt like she had no other choice.

Luckily, she did have a choice. Today there are tons of options to help startups in exactly that situation. For someone who knows their way around WordPress, it’s pretty easy to set up a new site in a few hours to a few days. But if you are new to WordPress, or intimidated by its many options, there are lots of other ways to go. Here are just a few of the services I suggested this entrepreneur check out:

Most of these sites are super-easy to sign up for, allow you to test drive, and can set up a site (or a “coming soon” home page) in mere minutes. Of course, creating the content you want to include on those pages will take longer than a few minutes, but you would have to do that anyway regardless of what infrastructure you plan to use.

In rare and wonderful cases, a startup’s sales outpaces its marketing. In other words, the startup has achieved product-market fit, and is so busy selling it hasn’t had a chance to build out their marketing infrastructure. But the founders know they need something. In these cases, usually the company has more written material than it realizes, since the company has had to present to customers, write up proposals, even throw together a one-pager. These are all great starting points for pulling together the content for your Web site. And if you want to set up a single page, just so people know what you do, that your company really does exist, and collect leads from interested visitors, you can do that in practically seconds with one of these tools.

So, if you are in a hurry, these and other rapid site companies are out there, just waiting for you to start playing around with them. What I would strongly recommend against doing, especially if you are in a huge rush, is signing a contract with a web development company that has its own proprietary system, since no matter what you say about how any developer can take over from what they have done, you will be stuck with them.

But aren’t these systems (e.g. Wix etc.) proprietary? Yes, that’s true, they are. However they are completely 100% self-service. And they are easy. And thousands of companies use them, so they are improving them all the time. A small web development company in East Whatever that has developed — let’s say — a few hundred sites, and is probably not updating its backend solution in any ongoing, consistent manner. In fact, their model is built on charging for web development services, not the product they are offering you (i.e. their proprietary content management system). Wix and these other guys are SaaS solutions, so their success depends on having an amazing product offering (their easy to use CMS), that you will want to keep using, and paying a very low fee for ongoing premium services.

And if you need help getting started, feel free to give us a call.

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