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2012 Israeli Tech Marketing Budgets Report Now Available

When I had the idea to survey marketing heads of Israeli technology companies, I admit, I went a little overboard. The survey contained so many sections and sub-sections that the responses generated a spreadsheet 82 columns wide (that’s all the way to column “CD” in case you’re wondering).

So in case you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged in a while, it’s because I was knee-deep in data. Busily analyzing the responses to the survey, trying to make sense of them so I could share them with you.

So…[drum roll please]… here it is, the 2012 Israel Tech Marketing Budget Benchmarking Study.

Accessing the report requires registration. I am asking people to register for a few reasons:

  • I am curious to see who downloads it
  • I want to start generating a larger sample of people willing to participate in the next survey
  • It’s high value content that deserves to be gated
  • I may be able to generate some business leads from it – but don’t worry I don’t have an inside sales team  standing by to call you 5 minutes after you download (although that is what you should be doing with leads from your gated content 😉 Couldn’t resist.)

If you participated in the study by answering the survey and filled in your email address, you will be receiving your copy in your inbox shortly, so there’s no need to register. If you didn’t participate, here’s your chance to learn anyway by downloading the report, and hopefully it will be so fascinating that you’ll participate next year and there will be an even larger sample to analyze.

And please don’t forget to share your thoughts on the report in the comments below.

Happy Reading!




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