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The New NON-hacked Lean Marketer Web Site

So, my old site was hacked. No, a terrorist didn’t plaster nationalistic slogans on my home page. This was much more insidious, and took longer to find. If someone searched for the Lean Marketer site in a search engine, spam links showed up. Here is a screenshot of what you might have seen if you searched for my site on Google.

hacked siteEven worse, my site was spreading the spam by injecting spam links into all of the RSS feeds.

Anyone looking at the site would never have noticed anything wrong, but someone following my site via RSS might have wondered if I’d suddenly switched sides from being an anti-spam crusader to a supporter of the dark Internet arts.

I had decided to re-design my site even before I found out my site was hacked, but the fact that it had been compromised pushed me to do the project that much faster, and pushed me to make some lean compromises along the way.

Web sites are great for lean marketing, since by the nature of Internet, you can make changes as you go. I was in a rush — as many of my clients are —  so I didn’t fuss about certain details that I knew most people wouldn’t notice, figuring I could fix and improve them later (which I have been doing).

In fact I still have grand plans for whole sections of my site, but since they are not areas that are on the critical path to generating new business or keeping my existing customers satisfied, I am putting them aside for now.

If you’d like my help with your new site or site refresh, please feel free to be in touch!



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