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Improving Relationships with Influencers: Upcoming Presentation at MCForum B2B Insights Conference

I’ve been asked to present about improving relationships with influencers at the upcoming MCForum B2B Insights Conference, taking place next week. Some of the things I’ll be talking about are: Why influencer marketing matters How ...

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Israeli Tech Companies Spend Less than Half US Counterparts on Marketing

Israeli tech companies tend to be more product-focused than marketing-focused, stemming from the fact that the company founders often come from an engineering background, and simply assume that the best technology automatically win the market. ...

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Trade Shows: How to Survive & Thrive

After the business lull of Christmas/New Years, suddenly the world seems alive with giveaway vendors, booth panel printers, and the question of “how do we get all this stuff from here to there?”. That’s right, ...

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No News is NOT Good News

I was recently discussing public relations (aka PR) with the VP of Communications of a company that has operations in several countries. She is trying to expand her company’s PR activities, and when I insisted ...

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Data draws attention, so let’s create some with surveys!

People love numbers. Data-driven PR is proven to generate more media hits than traditional business-oriented PR. Listeners’ ears perk up for top-10 lists, size comparisons…numbers will almost always get attention. But what if we don’t ...

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Minimum Viable Marketing Launch

The marketing aspect of a product launch has lots of moving parts. And if you are a small company, some or most of those parts may be outsourced, since you probably don’t have a whole ...

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