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Why blogging is like jogging

If you are an avid reader of The Lean Marketer blog you may have noticed that there hasn’t been much to read lately. Not only have I not been blogging lately, but I stopped exercising, ...

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Non-profits: Make it Easy for Small Companies to Donate

When I was VP marketing at a small (under 100 employees) company, one of my team’s responsibilities was to select holiday gifts that would be sent to our business partners all over the world. After ...

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2012 Israeli Tech Marketing Budgets Report Now Available

When I had the idea to survey marketing heads of Israeli technology companies, I admit, I went a little overboard. The survey contained so many sections and sub-sections that the responses generated a spreadsheet 82 ...

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The Process to Better SaaS Conversion – from IGT Cloud Summit

While east coasters are hunkering down in shelters, or at their friends’ houses inland waiting for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, here in Israel it’s business is as usual (unless you’re trying to travel to ...

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Data draws attention, so let’s create some with surveys!

People love numbers. Data-driven PR is proven to generate more media hits than traditional business-oriented PR. Listeners’ ears perk up for top-10 lists, size comparisons…numbers will almost always get attention. But what if we don’t ...

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DreamIt Startups dream, grow and pivot

As an adviser for DreamIt Israel, I was invited to attend their “Demo Day” in Tel Aviv in the midst of the Tishrei holiday season.* Most of the audience for these types of “pitch nights” ...

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A Solution Looking for a Problem

Last month I mentored and lectured at the Lean Startup Machine workshop, which took place for the first time in Israel but has been happening all over the world. I love working with entrepreneurs, and ...

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Happy New Year!

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Lean Market Research – Presentation from The Lean Startup Machine Workshop

I recently presented a short lecture on “Lean Market Research” for the Lean Startup Machine workshop that took place for the first time in Tel Aviv at the end of August. The point of my ...

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Minimum Viable Marketing Launch

The marketing aspect of a product launch has lots of moving parts. And if you are a small company, some or most of those parts may be outsourced, since you probably don’t have a whole ...

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