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29 LinkedIn Groups and Web Sites to Find Your Next Star Marketing Employee (or Employer) in Israel

Ever since word got out that I was leaving my regular full-time gig as VP marketing at a tech company to open my own consulting firm, people started asking me more employment-related questions. CEOs and fellow marketing VPs at technology companies would ask me to point them to recommended marketers that they could hire in-house. Fellow marketers confessed their boredom/dissatisfaction with compensation/desire for change, and asked did I have any good leads for a job?

While I’m happy to be the go-between, there are lots of resources out there such as LinkedIn and several other sites that should not be overlooked. Below is a list of LinkedIn groups and sites that I have collected from fellow marketers, HR directors and technology executives, that can help match between technology employers and marketing employees. Some of the groups are closed, but in most cases you probably know someone who has the right qualification to get accepted into each of these groups, and if you are looking for a job or an employee, you may be able to ask them to post for you to one of these groups, or help you get accepted.

Please note – this list is certainly not comprehensive. If you can recommend other groups or sites, please add them in the comments.

Besides using these groups for looking for a job or your next hiree, many of these are excellent places to learn new information and network with peers – I have found them invaluable resources for whenever I have a question – if it’s marketing or high-tech related, usually someone in one of these groups can help me get the answer I need.

Marketing-specific Israeli Networking Groups

Immigrant-related Groups – lots of immigrants work in marketing since they (we) speak multiple languages

  • Gvahim – this non-profit organization helps mid-career immigrants find fulfilling jobs in their chosen career, so it’s a great place to find people who speak other languages
  • Israeli Anglo Network (closed group) (yes, lots of us Israeli marketers are anglo – go figure)

General Israeli high-tech groups

Israeli Start-up Related Groups – there are more technical positions listed on these sites but marketers are reading them too

General Israeli Executive Groups

Groups Run by Recruiters & Job Networking Groups (‘nuf said)

Web Sites (most of these are Hebrew sites)

Useful Advice Site (mostly for job-seekers, but may be useful for hiring managers, too):

Again, this list is not comprehensive. Thanks in advance for adding any missing groups or sites in the comments.

Have any of these groups or sites helped you to find an employee or a job? Please share your story in the comments!

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  1. Ron Machol - April 30, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    At Israemploy, we created the Job Networking in Israel Linkedin group to assist job seekers in finding work in Israel.  It has grown to be one of the largest Israel-focused groups on LinkedIn (currently 24+K members). The group is totally open to everyone related to Israel and employment. All employers are welcome to post their job openings.

  2. Rebecca Herson - April 30, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Ron, Thanks for clarifying. I know many people and companies who have benefited from your job networking group, so kol hakavod (that’s “well done” in Hebrew) on your hard work. I edited the sub-head for that section to read “Groups Run by Recruiters & Job Networking Groups” to make it more accurately reflect the groups on that list.

  3. Dan Epstein - May 2, 2012 at 4:53 pm


    First, thanks for being the first person to both introduce me to LinkedIn at an RNG networking event. I joined the next day. Now I have a lot of “weak ties”!  Over a year ago, I set up a group to help
    people get introductions to those who can help them solve specific problems.
    Although not conceived solely for this purpose, many members are also
    using its discussions to find jobs. That’s OK, because getting
    introductions to those who can help them find jobs are probably the most
    important introductions they’ll need. However, too few of them are
    getting ANY job connections. Therefore, I’d like to ask YOU to introduce
    to the group those recruiters you’ve had good experience with.
    Recruiters that you TRUST. Ones that give good FOLLOW UP.

    Here’s a link:

    By the way, since I have many marketing connections, the group has many marketing members. And more are joining as we speak.

    Regarding the LinkedIn groups you recommended, I’m a member of almost all these groups too. 

    In particular, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask more people to join Aliza’s “Professional Writers in Israel” group. She puts in a lot of effort! 

    And, I almost forgot, I use Israemploy.


    Dan Epstein

  4. Shari Helmer - May 8, 2012 at 8:33 am

    Terrrific resource, Rebecca.  Thank you for compiling!  

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